Bloom Dhahabu Cancer Centre - Nairobi

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Bloom Surgical Centre - Kisumu

Bloom Surgical Centre Kisumu City, is settled in one of the most luxurious Mall, The Mega City. Located on Kisumu – Nairobi Highway. One of Kisumu Kenya’s private hospitals, is constantly working towards the mission to extend world class healthcare solutions to the community through advancements in medical technology, medical research and by adopting the best management practices, with its own brand of personalized patient care.

The hospital complex is located in the suburb of Kisumu City, within 5 minutes’ drive from the main CBD, and in close vicinity of most hotels,supermarkets, shopping mall and other facilities. With vast open spaces around the hospital, it is positioned and designed to ensure that patients and caregivers get a feel of the skyline of Kisumu City from their rooms and never feel claustrophobic. It’s an attempt to give a feel of home, at the hospital.

Bloom Surgical Centre, is a   medical institution spanning on the Mega City Mall. This world class and highly sophisticated hospital offers all major medical specialties, subspecialties, investigation & diagnostics facilities, rehabilitation & physical therapy care, under one roof. The hospital’s design ensures higher energy efficiency by allowing greater permeation of sunlight throughout the day and harnessing solar energy for hot water provisioning throughout the hospital complex.

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Bloom Renal Dialysis & Cancer Centres - Machakos


High qualified trained staff to serve you very well during your session or visit, located in the middle of the town to be easily reached.




Bloom Hospital - Nakuru

Bloom Nakuru Hospital is a new health facility that is planned to start working in early 2023. It will serve our people in Nakuru and surrounding counties with much needed health services. The facility will be equipped with an inpatient ward, day surgery facilities, laparoscopic, Endoscopic unit, cardiac angiography suites, laboratory services, maternity and gynecology services, delivery suites, operating theaters, Hemodialysis Unit, chemotherapy Unit and intensive care units. In addition, we also host our very own pharmacy, dietetics, and diagnostic imaging services.

Recognized for exceptional medical care and services, the Bloom Healthcare Limited facility at Nakuru will ensure world-class experience and expertise, to each individual patient and for bringing smiles to scores of families.

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